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Increase your staff productivity, maximize space usage and incorporate sustainable practices with the ideal desk booking solution that your workplace needs.

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Booking Calendar

A single unified calendar that provides a complete view of all your meeting room bookings and desk reservations.

Ecobook Unified Calendar
Ecobook Scheduler View

Scheduler View

Find the best room or desk across timelines. Book across locations and time zones within one single interface.

Personalized Page

A personalized dashboard page provides all the important information that you need in one single page.

My Page
Ecobook Mobile App

Mobile App

Access the entire office space using a mobile app. Simple intuitive interface to schedule your room bookings and desk reservations. View your upcoming reservations in your personalized landing page.

Ecobook Scheduler View

Scheduler View

Find the best room or desk across timelines. Book across locations and time zones within one single interface.

Seamless Integration​

Seamless interfacing with your existing calendaring applications like Office 365, Google Suite or Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online.

Office 365, Google Workspace and Exchange Integration
Ecobook 10 inch Tablet Mounted On Wall

Display Tablet

A beautifully designed digital signage outside your meeting room is the perfect add-on to increase productivity and access to the reservation while augmenting your corporate brand.

As showcased in

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Frequently Asked Questions on Room Booking

The modern, open workplace emphasizes collaboration and teamwork more than anything else.

So, the demand for meeting rooms is ever greater with globally dispersed teams and customer base.

With such high demand for meeting spaces, there is a need for managing the meeting rooms and controlling their usage.

This is where a meeting room booking system becomes an important tool in your workplace.

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There are tremendous benefits that organizations can realize from using a meeting room booking system like ecobook.

  1. Increased room utilization by reducing no-shows and ghost meetings.
  2. Increased productivity by allowing people to look up available rooms and select the ones best suited for their needs.
  3. Less need for office administrators and assistants to coordinate and manage the meeting rooms.
  4. Management has a better understanding of the space utilization through the meeting room booking system. It means, they can make better decisions on future planning.

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While existing calendaring systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace very good tools for scheduling meeting rooms, they come with certain limitations.

For instance:

  1. They do not have fine-grained control over the business rules.
  2. The ability to set restrictions and control access lies in the hand of IT departments instead of end-users.
  3. They cannot directly link to digital signages or visitor management system.
  4. They do not have check-in features and have no control over the meeting room utilization or occupancy.

To augment the scheduling system or to have a dedicated system to manage the workplace, a meeting room booking system can play an important role in ensuring your workplace is being used efficiently.

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Implementing a meeting room booking system in your office is a fairly straight-forward initiative.

Essentially, it requires planning on how you implement the meeting room, allocations, and business rules.

In addition, you can choose to link the meeting rooms to the existing scheduling systems.

There are different ways to ensure the proper usage of meeting rooms using the room booking system .

No-shows and ghost meetings are a bane to most organizations. With some basic configurations and settings, you can dramatically improve the utilization of meeting rooms.

For example:

  1. Mobile or web based check-in.
  2. QR-Code based check-in.
  3. Auto-cancellation and no-shows.
  4. Sensor based occupancy detection.

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Control is a very important aspect in a open, hybrid workplace environment.

ecobook has several ways of controlling the usage of meeting rooms such as:

  1. Restricting users to specific meeting rooms at certain buildings and locations.
  2. Group permissions to set viewing and booking rights for meeting rooms.
  3. Booking restrictions such as booking hours, lead times, advance booking windows and day-of-week permissions.
  4. Controlled rooms with approvals.
  5. Setting check-in periods and auto-cancellation functionality to release unused meeting room bookings.

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