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5 Ways To Improve Room & Desk Usage In The Office

How you use your office space can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. Improving your office room and desk utilization can help cut costs, improve functionality, increase productivity and even positively impact the employee experience.

According to this report, providing workers with freedom of choice in the workplace makes them happier and more productive than employees who have less autonomy.

An office meeting room and desk booking solution offers them the choice to book the office space they want, when they want it.

But why go for office space booking?

As a business owner, you have to remember that your office space is especially vulnerable to poor usage. You cannot let that be. You have to be agile and cost-conscious.

To make the best use of your office space, invest in our office room and desk booking solution, ecobook and use the following strategies:

1. Setting Proper Business Rules

Set up business rules on meeting rooms and desks such as lead times for booking, advanced booking windows, cancellation policies, and booking hours. This will help you maintain uniformity among your employees, all of whom will get an equal chance to book the office space.

Employees can only book within these boundaries and any request for out-of-boundary bookings would require them to approach the administrator to make the booking.

2. Control Access

Setting up user groups and assigning the correct viewing and booking permissions on each room or desk to the appropriate user group can vastly increase the efficiency of operations.

For example, the HR Department can only book rooms on a certain floor. They cannot get access to rooms on other floors. This also helps with analysis. Businesses can gauge over-capacity or under-capacity and re-design the office space.

3. Oversee Critical Spaces

Certain rooms such as auditoriums, command centres and boardrooms may require special permissions to reserve.

For such cases, an administrator will oversee the booking requests.  He/she can review each request and approve or reject the booking based on need, importance and eligibility.

4. Ensuring Automated Cancellation Policies

By setting auto-cancellation of bookings on our office meeting room and desk booking solution, ecobook, the onus is on the person making the request to ensure that he/she checks into the meeting in time so that the booking is still live. If the user does not check in within a pre-defined number of minutes after the meeting starts, then the system can automatically cancel the meeting and notify the requestor.

This is certainly a hand-off method of maintaining control. However, there are risks involved. What if the user joins the meeting but forgets to check in? Or what if the user is late for the meeting? So, it must be thought out thoroughly.

5. Implement Penalties

As a last resort, if users misuse spaces, you can impose penalties. For example, the blacklisting feature allows administrators to prevent them from making reservations.

Alternatively, the pricing and charges module allows for chargebacks to be made to the respective departments that misuse the space. A monetary figure on the usage can certainly go a long way in ensuring that the space is being used more effectively.


These 5 strategies are some of the most commonly used techniques to control and have oversight into room and desk booking in the office.

The aim is to reach perfection. Be a responsible and caring owner of your company and its people by implementing ecobook, a state-of-the-art office meeting room and desk booking solution.

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