Room Display Tablet Mounted Outside Meeting Room

Meeting Room Display Panel Mounting

Meeting room display tablets are all the rage in the new workplace. A meeting room display tablet is a digital device that is mounted outside the meeting room to indicate the status of the room and provide an easy and intuitive way to book meeting rooms instantly. In today’s dynamic

What is a Meeting Room Display Tablet and Why Do You Need One?

People generally prefer the visual format to reading text for gathering information. According to a report, globally, almost 65% of people are visual learners.   This means graphics-based information on a screen works best particularly when communicating important information regarding, say, a meeting.   Among high-tech devices, a meeting room display tablet

Meeting Room

The Psychology Behind Effective Room Booking 

This article is not just about the room scheduler, it’s much more than that.   Look at the stat below!  According to Statista, 18 percent of providers noted that internal meeting rooms are most in demand.  Have you ever wondered why certain meeting rooms always seem to be booked, while others remain empty?

Outlook Vs ecobok

How is a Room Booking System Better Than Office 365 Calendar

Microsoft Office 365 provides a great and convenient way to book meeting rooms. There are several benefits to the calendaring system such as: While these benefits satisfy most of the customers who intend to use the meeting rooms as is, many others feel that the controls and rules in place are either lacking or require technical

Smart Universities: Pioneering a New Era of Campus Innovation 

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the concept of a “Smart University” is more than just a buzzword – it’s a reimagining of campus life, learning, and innovation.   The Concept of Smart Universities  The “Smart University” is an emerging concept. When a university leverages innovative digital technologies on

ecobook for finance industry

Common Terms and Conditions for Using a Room and Desk Booking System 

The Co-working space or the modern hybrid workplace provides easy access to meeting rooms, desks and other spaces that can be booked by users using room and desk booking systems for their specific needs. Such systems allow individuals to reserve meeting rooms and workspaces on-demand, optimizing office space utilization and

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