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Workplace Management in the Healthcare Sector

The trends in the modern, flexible workplace have shifted the way people work throughout different sectors. However, one of the sectors where flexible work and workplace management have difficulty penetrating is the healthcare sector.    Given the nature of work, flexible working at first will seem unsuitable for healthcare professionals.


Advantages of using ecobook as a classroom booking system  

Classrooms are a hub of student learning. Classrooms are always in high demand across the campus. For the school administration, efficient scheduling and booking of classrooms is of paramount importance for the smooth running of school operations. And here’s where a classroom booking system like ecobook can be of great

People Walking Outside Meeting Room

Implementing cross-departmental charging in meeting room booking system

None of us are strangers to meetings. If you work in the corporate world, you are bound to be called into a meeting.  According to a report by INC, executives spend about 23 hours a week in meetings on average.  Meetings help attendees to share ideas, make decisions, determine future goals and

ecobook API Integration for Room and Desk Booking

How Do Customers Use Ecobook’s APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become an easy way for different applications to talk to each other. Now, more and more applications expose their data to the public to help extend the capabilities and consequently, increase the value of the product. ecobook is no different. With its wide variety of APIs, ecobook’s

Meeting Room With People

Improving Office Space Utilization with Occupancy Sensors

Real estate occupies a significant proportion of the operating expenses. Making the best use of the office space benefits the owner in terms of increased productivity and reduced operating expenses.   While the modern workplace utilizes tools such as meeting room and desk booking software to manage the workplace and

Canon Think Big 2023

Ecobook with Canon at THINK BIG Leadership Series 2023

Think Big Leadership Business Series is an annual 2-day event that is organised by Mediacorp, presented by Canon. This event aims to provide business insights and trends ahead, by featuring leaders from financial to academic professionals, to share their thoughts and experiences to help the attendees from various industries to

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