Door Access Control With Ecobook - Room Booking System

Door Access Control

Secured access to spaces that are synchronized with the room booking system.

Integrate with your existing door access control system and EM locks by sending timely commands through ecobook.

Take control over access to spaces without having to manage the cards themselves or having to get security to change the access rights.


Smart Locks

Smart locks provide an integrated cloud based solution to control your doors. With smart locks you can do away with keys and cards.

Smart Door Lock Igloohome
Man Using Key Card To Unlock Door

Electromagnetic Locks

Leverage existing Electromagnetic locks that can control access to doors via.

Advanced Business Rules

Use business rules to control access to the rooms from a single interface.

Business Rules and Workflow


View and analyze your access details to glean insights on how to better manage your meeting room spaces.

How Can Door Access Control Help...


Simplified means of checking in and out of the meeting rooms. Confidence that no one can use the rooms that they have booked.

Office Managers

Business rules to ensure only specific users are allowed to access the meeting rooms. No more ghost meetings.


Complete control over the meeting room using business rules and access rights. Easy integration with card access systems.


Reports that give insights into better planning of your office space to cater to the changing needs of your workforce.

Transform to a Smart office with these add-ons

Ecobook Desk Display Interactive Tablet

Desk Display Tablet

Use a digital tablet to book spaces on the spot using your NFC staff card or PIN. Check-in and out with a simple tap of a button.

Dynamic QR-Code For Visitors


Use QR-Codes to quickly scan and book spaces using our mobile app. Check-in and out with a simple scan on the code.

Occupancy Detection Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

The sensors provide a convenient way to track real-time utilization of desks in your office.

2D Way-Finder On Office Floor Plan Layout


Use an interactive way-finder to help navigate your way across your office.

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