Workplace management software

Workplace Management System

Our workplace management system provides a meeting room booking system and a desk booking system through our intuitive interface. Used by some of the largest and demanding organizations to manage their office and building spaces.


Book Desks & Rooms

Single interface to book meeting rooms and desks. Ideal for open seating workplaces.

Desk Booking Layout View
Mobile Phone App With Ecobook

Mobile App & Web

Book at your convenience using mobile app or web.

Business Rules

Create facility level business rules to help manage your desks and meeting rooms.


Set approvers for controlled spaces to prevent unnecessary bookings.

Facility Permissions

Set access permissions at the facility level to help control usage and create zones.


Powerful administration tools to manage every aspect of your workplace.

How Can Workplace Management System Help...


A single interface to manage your meeting room schedules and desk reservations. Get reminders and be on top of your day-to-day activities.

Office Managers

Better manage space utilization by controlling access to the meeting rooms and desks through business rules.


Single system to manage various aspects of the workplace including booking system, visitor management, digital signage and more.


Detailed reports on venue and resource utilization, occupancy and revenues can help drive management decisions.

What are the resources that can be managed

Venue Booking System


Rent auditoriums for large events with all the amenities and other services.

Class/Seminar Rooms

Rent classrooms for multi-day events and to external organizations to carry out their training sessions.

Meeting Rooms

Book meeting rooms within one interface and sync with outlook or google workspace.


Augment your meetings with additional equipment such as A/V, IT, furniture, and fittings.


Collaboration Spaces

Reserve collaboration spaces for group discussions and informal even gatherings.

Tablet Check-in

Hot Desks

Book hot desks when coming to office. Sit next to colleagues so you can work together on projects.

How Can We Help?


Our consultants are available to work with you on understanding your needs and performing an assessment on the fit and gaps within the current software.


Based on the assessment, our technical specialists shall design a workflow process on handling operational procedures and determine customizations that may be required.

Setup & Configuration

Your account shall be setup based on data provided by you. This will include any customizations and integrations that are required for end-to-end processing.


Our fully trained and knowledgeable support staff are ready to assist you in your ongoing operational needs to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. They are also available for training of new staff if needed.

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