Ecobook 10 inch Tablet With LED Status

Digital Display Panels

Bring convenience while augmenting the office brand experience.

The interactive digital touch screen panels brings access to meeting room and desk bookings with a simple tap and book capability.
A purpose-built tablet that increases your office experience while making it convenience to book, check-in and cancel room and desk reservations.

Room Display Panels

The interactive digital display panel provides simplicity and easy of use to your office by allowing employees to check availability and book meeting rooms on the spot.

Ecobook 10 inch Tablet Mounted On Wall
Ecobook Desk Display Interactive Tablet

Desk Display Panels

The compact, 3.5 inch saucer shaped interactive display panel is ideal for reserving desks, private pods, telephone booth, and more. Bring the same powerful features for constrained spaces.

Centrally Managed

Managing the digital display panels is simple with a central portal that can monitor and control the devices from the administration interface.

Digital Signage Centrallyy Managed Interface

Secured Authentication

Authentication is simple yet secure with multiple techniques available to cater for different organizations. Available in both the room and desk digital display panels.

Hassle Free Setup

The room and desk digital display panels are easy to mount and does not require a major overhaul of your office environment. All that is needed is a power or PoE cable and a WiFi connection to get up and running in no time.

Ecobook Digital Tablet Faceplate Mounting Breakdown

Technical Specifications

10-Inch Panel

3.5-Inch Panel

How Can Display Panel Help...


Quickly check availability of a room or desk and manage a booking. Extend, end or cancel your booking directly from the device.

Office Managers

Display panels provide a true occupancy information that can be accurately tracked for space planning and control.


Single portal to manage all device software. Get information on occupancy, allow real-time desk management and control access rights.


Get insights of real-time usage, occupancy and utilization of desks and rooms to better plan for your future needs.

Frequently Asked Questions On Display Tablets

The display tablet placed outside the meeting room provides several benefits to the people in the office.

  1. It provides a clear indication of whether the meeting room is used or booked right from outside the room.
  2. It provides increased productivity by allowing people to quickly book a room instead of checking the calendar or approaching the receptionist.
  3. It transforms your office into a high-tech workplace by giving the tools for people to carry out their work.

No. The display tablet is an add-on. This means that you can use ecobook as a normal meeting room booking system. If required in the future, you can always purchase the display tablet and augment the meeting room booking system with more ways to book the space.

The display tablet connects to ecobook once you have registered and connected it to your account.

Once connected and assigned a meeting room, the tablet seamelssly and securely communicates with the server to retrieve and push the latest booking information.

Users can use the display tablet to book the meeting room using a PIN, their staff card or in anonymous mode making it more convenient than a web or mobile app.

Yes. While the meeting room tablets are larger in size, typically 10 inches, there are smaller tablets of 3.5 inches that can be mounted on top of the desks.

These provide added benefits of being able to allow users to book, check-in and out of the desk.

The display tablet works on two modes:

  1. Power + WiFi.
  2. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

In either case, cables should be drawn from the nearest power source or PoE switch to the point of mounting.

Preferably, it is good to get an interior designer or contractor to help you with the cabling and wiring activities.

Security is a primary concern when it comes to having devices such as tablets connect to the local area network (LAN). There are a few ways of securing the tablet:

  1. The tablets mounting and casing provide secured access  to ports and are tamper proof.
  2. The tablet’s settings and control panel can be protected using a password upon initial setup.
  3. The tablet’s communication with the server is encrypted with a key and secret and works through 2356-bit encryption over SSL.
  4. IP addresses, MAC addresses can be whitelisted.


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