Occupancy Sensors

Bring the power of IoT sensors to track utilization and occupancy in real-time.

The hybrid workspace requires efficient usage of available spaces. Both desks and meeting rooms will be in high demand. The best way to control desk usage is through occupancy sensors.


Room Occupancy

Room occupancy sensors provide information on the presence of people in a room. Using state-of-the-art technology that can not only detect presence but also the number of people and signs of life. Measure room usage with a strategically placed sensor that can do more than just detect occupancy.

Occpancy Desk Level Sensors

Desk Occupancy

Desk occupancy sensors provide information on the occupation of a desk. With desk sensors, getting real-time information on availability can help staff choose the right desk and book them. With real-time data, better desk management strategies can be implemented with ease.

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Detect utilization of desks using a simple to deploy and configure occupancy sensor that can provide real-time information.

Occupancy Detection Sensors
Meeting Room Occupancy Sensor

Room Occupancy Sensor

Monitor and manage meeting rooms using room occupancy sensors that provides accurate presence and capacity detection.

Smart Business Rules

With occupancy sensors, business rules can be implemented and executes automatically.

Business Rules and Workflow

Insightful Reporting

View and analyze your desk bookings from any perspective to glean insights on how to better manage your desk spaces.

How Can Occupancy Detection Sensors Help...


No more searching for desks. If a desk is booked and not occupied, sensors can detect that and release the desk for booking.

Office Managers

Reduced need to spot-check and troubleshoot. Real-time detection of presence provides information on what is the usage.


Better management and control of rooms and desks. Prevent wastage due to non-usage. Centralized management of information.


Reports that give insights into better planning of your office space to cater to the changing needs of your workforce.

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