Venue Booking System

Venue Rental & Booking System

Monetize your spaces with a comprehensive venue booking system that helps streamline operations while ensuring that venues are managed efficiently.

ecobook’s Venue Edition provides enterprises with a complete solution to manage venues and resources.


Public Website

List your venues on a custom internet address for public visitors to browse through your venues helping them make informed decisions on the choice for their event.

Venue Booking - Checking Availability

Enquiries & Bookings

Taking in enquiries and booking requests is simple with a dynamic form.

Detailed Pricing

Create pricing plans, cancellation policies, and discounts based on various business rules.

Built-In CRM

Track and manage customers and contacts within a single portal. Allow for direct booking of enquiries.

Detailed Reporting

Understand venue utilization as well as financials using the powerful reporting features.

Payment Capable

Integrate with your own payment platform of choice. Request for immediate payment or process payment offline using your financial system.

How Can Venue Booking System Help...


Publically visible venues allow visitors to navigate and browse through all your venues and availability before making enquiries.

Office Managers

Better manage event bookings through the various stages to ensure that no enquiry is dropped and each enquiry is followed up to completion.


Fine-tune pricing, cancellation, and discount policies to ensure that venue rental revenues are maximized. Detailed charging allows for flexible pricing policies.


Detailed reports on venue and resource utilization, occupancy and revenues can help drive management decisions.

What are the resources that can be managed

Venue Booking System


Rent auditoriums for large events with all the amenities and other services.

Class/Seminar Rooms

Rent classrooms for multi-day events and to external organizations to carry out their training sessions.

Multi-Purpose/Sports Halls

Rent sports facilities such as multi-purpose halls, gyms, tennis and badminton courts.


Augment your events with additional equipment such as A/V, IT, furniture, and fittings.

Car Parks

Reserve car parks for VIPs and guests based on the number of attendees for the event.

Venue Booking - Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle Services

Organize shuttle bus services for your events to ensure a smooth attendee experience.

Manpower Services

Hire professional services such as cameramen, ushers, contractors to help setup and tear-down your venues.

Venue Booking - Catering Services


Take orders for catering from a pre-defined list of items for events.

How Can We Help?


Our consultants are available to work with you on understanding your needs and performing an assessment on the fit and gaps within the current software.


Based on the assessment, our technical specialists shall design a workflow process on handling operational procedures and determine customizations that may be required.

Setup & Configuration

Your account shall be setup based on data provided by you. This will include any customizations and integrations that are required for end-to-end processing.


Our fully trained and knowledgeable support staff are ready to assist you in your ongoing operational needs to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. They are also available for training of new staff if needed.

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