Touch Screen Lobby Kiosk With Man

Digital Signage And Way-Finder

Beautifully designed signage and way-finder to help people navigate your office for their next meeting.

The interactive digital signage helps staff provide overview on the meetings and their locations. The way-finder provides, staff, and visitors to easily locate and navigate their office.

Lobby Kiosk Signage

The kiosk digital signage provides capability to navigate using the floor plan layout and make a reservation on the spot through an interactive touch screen panel.

Touch Screen Lobby Kiosk With Man
2D Way-Finder On Office Floor Plan Layout

Interactive Way-Finder

Interactive way-finder provides direction to both staff and visitors.

The 2D way-finder provides an intuitive interface to navigate the office to the next meeting or find out where the meeting room or desk is located and how to get there.

Digital Signage

Showcase all your meeting rooms across different lobbies, wings and levels using a non-interactive digital signage mounted on the wall.

View the upcoming meetings, availability and direction on a  clean user interface using standard smart televisions.


Meeting Room Status Wall Board With Smart TV

How Can Digital Signage And Way-Finder Help...


Helps them to easily navigate the office, find out the available desks and locate their next meeting.

Office Managers

Do not need to worry about assisting staff to find out available spaces.


Easily provision signages at different locations and manage them centrally using one portal.


Transform the workspace into a smart office. Create a great brand experience and attract a tech-savvy talent.

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