What is a Meeting Room Display Tablet and Why Do You Need One?

People generally prefer the visual format to reading text for gathering information. According to a report, globally, almost 65% of people are visual learners.   This means graphics-based information on a screen works best particularly when communicating important information regarding, say, a meeting.   Among high-tech devices, a meeting room display tablet can be a key component when it comes to creating smart meeting rooms.   

What is a Meeting Room Display Tablet? 

A meeting room display tablet is hung or mounted outside meeting rooms. It is a type of touchscreen digital signage that provides information regarding the status of the meeting room like whether it is available or booked, room name, meeting start and end times, etc. Using the tablet, you can even book the meeting room.   The tablet offers the following capabilities: 
  • Indicating a room’s availability. 
  • Displaying upcoming schedules for the meeting room, including details of who has booked it and for how long. 
  • Enabling walk-in room reservations for impromptu meetings, team collaboration, and more. 
  • Offering check-in and check-out functionality to minimize no-show reservations. 
  • Providing the ability to extend current reservations. 
  • Syncing room schedules with calendar systems to prevent data isolation. 
  • Integrating with workplace systems like meeting room booking software to understand room usage and identify optimization opportunities. 
Stating that room displays are limited to office meeting rooms is not entirely correct. It can be implemented in any scenario requiring space scheduling and management. Examples include hotel conference halls, shared commercial studios, and university classrooms and lecture theatres. 

Why should you invest in the Meeting Room Display Tablet? 

Here are some of the reasons why installing a meeting room display tablet outside your meeting rooms is a must: 

Enhanced Meeting Efficiency 

Meeting spaces are limited and expensive to manage. Meeting room scheduling software maximizes meeting effectiveness by enabling employees to book appropriate meeting spaces when needed.   Once booked, integrated meeting room displays and personal calendar systems communicate to everyone, from meeting attendees to employees and visitors, that the room is booked and for what time slots.  Employees benefit from having visual indicators of booked meeting spaces, through the integrated room displays.   The tool can also integrate with popular calendars, allowing users to observe and schedule meetings directly from collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, MS Office 365, and Google Calendar.  Ultimately, these collaboration tools (booking software, digital signage, and integrated Outlook/Google Calendar) make the process of booking meeting spaces easier. To learn more about it, please read our blog, 7 Common Room Booking Frustrations that can be solved using a Room Booking System. 

Real-Time Updates and Notifications 

Meeting room digital displays can share real-time updates and notifications, keeping everyone informed about current and upcoming meetings and events, including any last-minute schedule changes. Transparent, real-time communication ensures everyone stays on the same page. 

Resource Optimization and Cost Savings 

Meeting room displays assist individuals and organizations in optimizing their resources and reducing wasteful spending by preventing double bookings or cancelled meetings that result in unused “ghost” spaces.  Also, space utilization data from booking and room display tools helps businesses make smarter, data-driven decisions about space allocation and usage. Workplace management teams can review this data to make improvements that better meet the needs of their employees. 

Improved Employee Efficiency 

A digital screen outside the meeting room helps employees avoid scheduling mistakes by showing when rooms are free and making it easy to book them.  

Enhanced Professionalism 

Meeting room digital signage offers a more polished look compared to traditional meeting methods. By presenting meeting details in an attractive visual format, attendees are more inclined to pay attention and remain engaged. 

Buying the Meeting Room Display Tablet 

When buying the meeting room display tablet, it’s important to consider factors like cost and quality. It’s ideal to go for a solution that offers value for money.   However, ensuring that both the hardware and software adequately support all intended applications is crucial. Your chosen supplier should also furnish warranties and technical assistance to address any unforeseen issues during subsequent use. 

Your Office Digital Signage Buying Guide: 

  • Assess the intended use and explore all available options before committing to a specific product. 
  • Compare costs, features, and hardware and software quality. Opt for value over simply choosing the cheapest option. 
  • Ensure the manufacturer and vendor have a reliable track record. How long have they been in business? 
  • Look for features that align with your needs. Consider optional modules and add-ons. 
  • Conduct thorough research on products, manufacturers, and suppliers. Seek real-world reviews and expert advice. 

What hardware to choose? 

ecobook supports various tablet models but we recommend the QBic Tablet. Here are some of the advantages of the QBic model over other brands available in the market:   
  • Lightweight   
  • Easy to mount  
  • Mount on any surface (glass or wall) 
  • LED lights  
  • NFC/HID card scanning capability 

Installing the Tablet 

You need to be aware of the factors to consider when mounting a room display panel. However, installing it is relatively easy.   First, decide on the type of hardware you will use—like we mentioned before, ecobook recommends using the QBic tablet.   Next, determine the optimal location for the screen and how it will be integrated into your meeting room environment.   Finally, install the tablet and configure its settings to ensure it displays meeting information correctly.  By installing the device in your office, you can ensure that your meetings are as efficient and productive as possible. 

Wrapping Up 

Standing at the centre of digital transformation, the need for smart meeting rooms in offices is of paramount importance.  At ecobook, we’re always ready to support your decision to make your meeting room smart with the addition of the meeting room display tablet, scheduling software, and other workplace technologies like occupancy sensors.   Reach out to us today! 
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