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Extend ecobook With APIs

Infinite possibilities with our API offerings to extend and incorporate smart solutions in your office.

Extend ecobook and link with enterprise systems and mobile applications using our comprehensive APIs.

Our APIs allow a wide range of possibilities that customers can unlock in their quest to build their smart office.


Standard APIs

ecobook uses standards based Web APIs with security and data exchange formats that is well known to developers.

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ecobook API Integration for Room and Desk Booking

Multiple Uses

Learn more about how our customers user ecobook’s API to augment their operations, increase productivity and have a seamless work processes.



What Can The API Do...

Desks and Meeting Rooms

Manage desk and meeting room availability. Change business rules. Make them active or inactive or even block them.

Users and Groups

Integrate with your existing human resource systems to onboard users. Manage groups and users.


Create, edit and cancel bookings. Block meeting rooms and desks. Check-in and out of bookings. Auto-cancel bookings based on third-party triggers.


Extract booking data to be imported into your enterprise dashboard for reporting and analytics.

Transform to a Smart office with these add-ons

Ecobook Desk Display Interactive Tablet

Desk Display Tablet

Use a digital tablet to book spaces on the spot using your NFC staff card or PIN. Check-in and out with a simple tap of a button.

Dynamic QR-Code For Visitors


Use QR-Codes to quickly scan and book spaces using our mobile app. Check-in and out with a simple scan on the code.

Occupancy Detection Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

The sensors provide a convenient way to track real-time utilization of desks in your office.

2D Way-Finder On Office Floor Plan Layout


Use an interactive way-finder to help navigate your way across your office.

What Customers Say

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