Meeting Room Booking and Desk Booking System

Office Workplace Management Solution

A perfect solution for the open seating concept for your hybrid workplace.

The modern workplace has transformed from a cubicle based to an open office, hybrid workplace.
Corporate offices need to leverage on new technologies that will enable them to rethink the office for demands of the modern workplace.

Conduct Better Meetings

Meetings with your employees, partners and customers across geographic locations and time zones require that the right meeting room is available at the right time.

Users having a Meeting
Open Seating Area For Offices

The Right Desk For The Right Kind Of Work

The correct desk for your work is crucial to effective performance. The open office workplace provides easy access to the right desk whenever you need it.

Seamless Visitor Engagement

Your customers, partners and suppliers visit you at your office regularly. Invite them within a single portal along with a meeting room and have a seamless on-boarding experience ready when they arrive.

Visitor Using Kiosk For Registration



A single portal on the web and app to find and book your favorite space for your work.

Office Managers

Workflow allows office managers to control spaces to ensure that they are being used for the right purpose.


Business rules and permissions that limit space hogging and eliminate unoccupied bookings through access restrictions.


Reports that give insights into better planning of your office space to cater to the changing needs of your workforce.

Why is having ecobook important?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Using our highly customizable group permissions and access control rights, you can determine how users can book specific rooms or desks.

Yes. You can set approvals for specific rooms such as boardroom so that you control the types of meetings that happen there. You can even assign a group of users to oversee the requests. They will get notified via email and app when a request comes through.

Yes. you can configure the advance booking window for each room or desk. In fact there is a lot more you can configure such as lead times, bookable hours, days of the week, etc.

Our layouts are complex scalable vector graphic (SVG) files. You will not be able to change them on your own. Do get in touch with us and we can assist you in creating or updating the layouts.

There are 2 ways of managing the users. The manual method of creating the users within ecobook. Alternatively, if you have an existing enterprise directory system such as Active Directory, Office 365 or Google Workspace, then we can synchronize the users with ecobook automatically.

Become a smart office with these add-ons

Digital Interactive Room Display Tablet

Room Display Tablet

Use a digital tablet to book ad-hoc meetings and find out the status of the meeting rooms from a distance.

Visitor Management Touch Screen Kiosk

Visitor Management

Use a visitor management system for pre-registered and walk-in visitors. Get notified upon visitor arrival.

2D Way-Finder On Office Floor Plan Layout


Use an interactive way-finder to help navigate your way across your office.

Outlook Plug-In For Room And Desk Booking

Outlook Plug-In

Extend the convenience of outlook by using the plug-in to locate and book meeting rooms.

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