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Why Your Office Needs A Visitor Management System?

In many offices, a visitor management system has become integral to the visitor experience. The reason being it is essential to keep track of people visiting or entering your office space.  

Can you tell how many visitors are in your office right now? Or how many guests visited your office yesterday? What about in March last year?  

Without proper visitor management software, you will struggle to answer at least the last question. So, if you want to stay organized with visitor management, please read on. 


What is a Visitor Management

Through the process of visitor management, an organization keeps track of the people (read visitors) that visit their location. A visitor may be a customer, a consultant, a vendor, a delivery person, a job applicant or the Managing Director’s nephew. Basically, anyone who is not a full-time employee. 

Earlier, organizations used pen and paper-based logbook to keep track of visitors. These log books included entries such as the visitor’s name, reason for the visit, date, check-in and check-out times and signature.  

From a security and usage perspective, a pen-paper log book has many disadvantages. Sometimes people forget to sign out. In such situations, employees will not be aware if anybody is overstaying beyond their meeting time. Also, if you want to know which employee a certain guest met with on a certain day, you will have to flip through numerous pages of your log book.  

On the other hand, an electronic visitor management system, one that uses software, improves upon the negative points of the pen-paper log book by: 

  • Storing past information about visitors which can be retrieved at any time.  
  • Issuing swipe cards that help speed up the security screening process.  

Let’s now find out in some detail why more and more organizations are investing in visitor management technology to track visitors in a formal and organized way: 


Streamlines Cumbersome Manual Processes 

Nowadays, organizations want to avoid long queues at the reception desk. This is possible through visitor management software

How it works: You will go to the ecobook platform, create an appointment there (You will be entering the visitor’s name, email and possibly their mobile number) and ecobook will send out an invitee to the guest (visitor) through an email with a QR code link.   

That particular QR code is only for the invited person, if there is more than one invitee, each person will get his/her own QR code. The Visitor can simply come to the visitor kiosk and scan the QR code. And you will know that your guest has arrived. 

When a visitor comes who is unknown to you, he/she will approach the kiosk and enter his/her details and also the name of the person he/she wants to meet. That particular person will get a message that a visitor has come to meet him/her. 

Since the process of validating meeting information and the approval procedure of the visit is automated and streamlined, staff are freed from the job of asking the visitor to sign the log book. 


Reduces Costs 

Manual approaches to visitor management are labour-intensive. Organizations often have to increase staff at entrances, receptions and other places to manage visitors. Not only are these front-line duties very stressful but hiring so many staff and placing multiple checkpoints are also not good from a financial perspective. 

A new trend is to have an office without a receptionist or an office where the receptionist’s role is a passive one. In such cases, the reception area is unmanned. And the registration process happens with minimal intervention from a human being. 

You may have just one staff assisting visitors with the registration and handing them the printed badges. 

By using a visitor management system, you can redeploy staff into high-value tasks and save money in the bargain. At the same time, you are also in a position to provide a consistent customer experience 24X7. 


Gives You Better Visibility 

You can make sure that every visitor is at his/her right place. Visitor management software helps capture, track, process and store all visitor information. It can tell you who your visitors are, whom they are expected to meet and more in real-time.  

The system will help you do a better visitor audit as well as you will get to know who your visitors are, whom they met with, who did they bring along with them and how many times in a given time frame, they came to your office.  

If you want, you can even block someone or some people from entering the office using the visitor management system

You have all the visibility you need on who is using your office space, how and when with detailed analytics about visitor activity. The analytics data can help you make informed business decisions. For example, are your entryways too congested? Is it time to think about relocation?


Helps Manage Hybrid Employees 

In the post-pandemic office, the staff can often be seen juggling hybrid work – which means they are working partly from the office and the rest of the time remotely. The visitor management system can be aligned with the office management system to help the staff manage both their facility and visitors, thus effectively killing two birds with one stone. 

Such a system will make your staff more productive as they will be able to easily book office spaces for themselves. So, the visitor management system will enhance the staff experience. 


Enhances the Visitor Experience 

Like we mentioned before, a visitor management system provides a fast and streamlined way for guests/visitors to enter their details.   

With a well-designed kiosk and a customizable user interface, you will not only create a great visitor experience but also enhance your brand image as visitors and guests will associate you with professionalism and state-of-the-art technology. 


Improves Security 

The visitor management system helps tackle challenges related to information security, visitor privacy, regulatory compliance and more. 

Consider this scenario: Your company is just about to launch new software. You have hired several consultants to help you prepare for the big day (launch). Your competitors want to steal information about your product and you’ve been working hard to keep it under wraps. 

But then you discover a competitor’s name on the pen and paper log book at the front desk. You also notice to your dismay that the names of the consultants you had hired are on the same page. Now your competitor knows who you’ve been working with. And they’re one step closer to learning your plans. 

You can avoid this using a visitor management system. The technology doesn’t allow anybody you don’t know to access information about who’s who in your organization or who all are visiting you. 



A visitor management system makes the visitor management process easy and seamless without visitors having to keep lurking in the office to ask questions that may disturb or distract the people working there. 

According to a report by INC., when you reduce workplace distractions, 75% of employees are more productive, 49% are happier at work and 57% have increased levels of motivation.  

A visitor management solution can make entering your facility a safe and frictionless experience that sends positive vibes. For employees, it creates a workplace they’re proud of and happy to be in. Tomorrow’s technology is here today. Be ready to embrace it!  


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