QR-Code Scanning Using Mobile App For Meeting Room And Desk Booking System

4 Ways QR Code Helps In Office Management & Desk Booking

 The pandemic accelerated the adoption of touchless technologies. One such technology is the QR code. Offices saw an increase in usage going from 11% to 14% emphasizing the shift in how QR codes have been used during the pandemic.

A lengthy line in the lobby, an overly complicated sign-in process, wasted time wandering around, being forced to come in close contact with others in crowded reception areas…all of these problems can inconvenience your employees and visitors.  

A well-constructed office QR code system, designed to manage all people flows in a given workplace, can boost efficiency and create a memorable experience.

QR codes encode information of various types. Modern smartphones can capture, interpret and react to QR codes using their camera to provide a wide variety of applications. 

Here we will explore the 4 ways that QR Codes can help in office management and desk booking. 

Room and Desk Booking

In a hybrid environment, your employees must be able to select, reserve and check in & check out of desk spaces. 

QR Codes can be a powerful and cost-effective way to achieve seamless room and desk booking.  

Each meeting room or desk will have a unique QR code. Scanning the QR code with their mobile phones, employees can quickly determine whether the room or desk is available and then can reserve it. 

Ecobook provides automatic generation of QR Codes for each facility, be it desk booking, room booking or equipment booking. It is easy to print the QR code and paste it on the desk. Employees just need to scan the QR code with their mobile app to make a reservation on the spot. 

Attendance Tracking

With ecobook, you can track the attendance of your employees using QR Codes.  

On the day of their visit to the office, employees use the ecobook app installed on their smartphones to generate a unique QR Code. This can be scanned against our QR Code reader located at the office reception to authenticate the user.  

Similarly, when checking out, employees can again generate another QR Code to scan out.  

There are several advantages to this technique. Firstly, it is touchless. There is no need to touch any device other than your smartphone. Secondly, the process is quick. Today’s QR Code readers are extremely fast due to their high-resolution cameras and image-processing algorithms.  

During peak periods, a number of employees may come to the office at the same time and hence speed is essential. If the volume of traffic is large, multiple devices can be placed at the reception.  

Thirdly, it is secure as the QR-Code generated is unique for each transaction.

Occupancy Detection

One of the main challenges of occupancy detection is to ensure that employees actually occupy the desk that they have reserved when they come to the office.  

One of the ways to achieve this is to allow employees to scan the QR Code generated for each desk and room. The QR codes are stuck on the desk or outside the meeting room. When an employee makes a reservation, he or she scans the code and then checks in to the desk or meeting room.  

When scanning, the check-in button appears on the mobile app that allows the employee to formally occupy the desk. When leaving the desk, he or she can scan the QR Code and then check out. This is directly fed into ecobook to capture occupancy details such as who occupied the workspace and for how long. 

With the data being collected, management can have a clear understanding of how desks and meeting rooms are being utilized. This allows them to plan ahead.  

The other advantage is the ability to keep track of no-shows where employees book desks or rooms but do not occupy them, thereby causing an opportunity loss for other employees who would have otherwise used those rooms and desks. 

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Touch Screen Kiosk

The visitor experience when entering a business establishment can make or break a deal. This is where the office QR code system comes in handy as it registers visitors seamlessly. 

When an employee invites a visitor, he/she is sent an email with a unique link that generates a QR Code just prior to his/her visit. 

When the visitor arrives at the office reception, he/she just needs to approach the visitor registration kiosk and get his/her QR code (the one that was sent to him/her via email) scanned by the system.  

Once the QR code is successfully scanned, the host will be informed about his/her guest’s arrival via email, in-app notification or SMS and he/she can then come to the lobby to receive the guest.  

The benefits of this office QR code system are aplenty. Firstly, just scanning the QR-Code retrieves all the visitor information. Secondly, the seamless registration process can make quite an impression on the visitor as it is his/her first interaction with your organization. Thirdly, the process is secure as the QR-Code generated is unique to that particular visitor and cannot be used by anyone else. 


The office QR code system is a versatile technology that can be used for various purposes in and around the office. It ensures that all people – employees, visitors and beyond – have a convenient and welcoming experience.  

Ecobook has incorporated QR Codes as a core capability that can provide a cost-effective way of managing meeting rooms, desks and visitors while keeping track of occupancy and enforcing necessary business rules. 

Find out how it works. Please talk to our representative for a demo!

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