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8 Benefits of a Desk Booking System For The New Office

During the pandemic, organizations adopted remote working as a temporary solution to the lockdowns that were enforced by governments in various parts of the world. Now, as the pandemic is nearing its end, organizations have begun to adopt permanent hybrid solutions within their work environment to accommodate the paradigm shift in perspective on how to work efficiently. 

With hybrid work, you don’t need to assign your employees permanent desks, instead, you can allow them to work at any available workstation. They can book desks using a desk booking system.  

Here are some of the benefits of using a desk booking system like ecobook:  

1. Desk Reservation

Employees can use the web version or the mobile app to check the availability of desks and make reservations. When they arrive at the desk, they can check in to indicate that they are occupying it. If they don’t check in within a specific time, the desk will be released and made available for others to book. 

2. Desk Grouping

Group desks and allocate them to specific departments or users. This allows people working in teams or within a specific business function to sit together so that they can collaborate and get more things done efficiently. It gives them the confidence that their seats will not be occupied by others. 

3. Desk Policies

Setting desk policies such as advanced booking windows, lead times, bookable hours and day-of-the-week availability provides control over the usage of the desks. With this function on, to occupy specific desks, you would require approval from the authorities. 

4. Lobby Display

A touchscreen display device mounted on a kiosk in the lobby can help employees reserve seats by looking at the layout and booking desks before entering the office. This gives them greater control over where they would like to sit and is especially useful in offices that are dynamic and have team-based activities. 

5. Desk Display Hardware

With display hardware mounted on each desk, employees can use their staff card or a PIN issued to them to book, extend, end or cancel their reservations from the device itself. LED lights offer a clear indicator of which desk is occupied or is available. 

6. Staff Look Up

In a dynamic office, people are always on the move. An employee search capability allows you to look up where each of your employees is seated. This saves time looking up the directory or having to message employees to know where they are. 

7. QR-Codes

QR-Codes provide a simple and effective way of reserving desks by allowing employees to scan the code from their mobile app and make a booking. A desk booking system like ecobook offers a cost-effective, simple and yet powerful tool to keep track of desk usage. 

8. Scalable Office

With more people working remotely, there is no need for large spaces to house all employees. They can take turns coming to the office based on a roaster and book seats for themselves. This allows the company to do more will less – meaning fit more employees in less space.  


When you use a state-of-the-art digital solution like a desk booking system, it helps you to be cost-effective and your employees to be more productive. You can optimize office space and do so much from a single interface.  

All these, in turn, benefit business outcomes and increase opportunities for revenue growth.  

What more can you ask for? Talk to an ecobook representative today! 

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